$10,000 Donated Toward Youth Therapeutic Mentoring Services

Alegre Dental Named Sustaining Donor & Supporter of Youth Mentoring Initiative

SWAMPSCOTT, MA – October 27, 2017 – Following a recent grand opening, Longwood Care, a local behavioral health non-profit, has received $10,000 to provide youth mentoring services in the community. The donation made by Alegre Dental will provide more than 400 community service hours for the Youth Mentoring Initiative. The funds will support existing organizations and community partners in alleviating long waitlists for individuals seeking youth therapeutic mentors.

“This partnership is a perfect opportunity and highlights the positive results both organizations are working towards via physical and mental health within our community, said Anna Svetchnikov, Longwood Care Founder and CEO, “with this grant, Longwood care will provide youth therapeutic mentoring services with an emphasis on improving social interactions and communication skills for children, adolescents and teens.”

Youth mentoring supports many at-risk individuals by pairing them up with a qualified mentor, who in turn models proper behavior while also providing therapeutic support. Of those at-risk who had a mentor, 99% found the experience helpful in many aspects of life, such as involvement in extracurricular activities and pursuing of higher education. Although studies suggest improvements and positive results for clients, today behavioral health providers must wade through insurance policy all the while telling people who need the service to wait. According to statistics, 1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor and it is uncommon for many individuals seeking a therapeutic mentor to be on a waitlist for 9-12 months. The lack of availability may result in a large percentage of the at-risk population from ever having a mentor.

Youth therapeutic mentoring services are unique in that they are dedicated to help children, adolescents and teens learn to better understand and communicate feelings, relate to others and build positive relationships. In addition, therapeutic mentors are required to have a minimum of a BS/BA in a related field such psychology with supervision and oversight from a board licensed therapist, psychologist, social worker or mental health counselor, providing additional insight and understanding that is often required by clients. With continued support from organizations like Alegre Dental it will be possible to establish youth therapeutic mentoring as a critical component of community services and continued support to children and families.


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