Our Approach

The behavior management program, utilizing short-term, highly-focused therapeutic approachs, seeks to reduce problem behavior and increase mental, physical, and social skills on behalf of both the caregiver and the child.

Behavior Management Provides

  • Functional assessment and analysis of problem behavior
  • Intervention plan to address needs and behaviors
  • Caregiver, parent and teacher training
  • Ongoing support and feedback to ensure continued effectiveness and progress

The analysis is then directly linked to a behavior intervention plan so as to produce healthy, more adaptive ways of responding to situations. It is based on the simple concept of positive reinforcement for desired behaviors, consequences or planned ignoring for undesired behaviors.

Parents will benefit from working one on one with a therapist who can help the family understand the factors that are contributing to their child’s behavior, help the family pick specific behavioral challenges to target, and help the family design a program to address it including reinforcing what they want a child to do, planning to ignore certain behaviors in an effort to not reinforce the behavior, and develop consequences for other behaviors. The therapist and parent will work together over a period of time to continue to target various behaviors including the school behaviors.  

Next Steps

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