Calling All Superheroes

Every child is unique but there is one tool that has been proven to be effective with many children. It’s called a behavioral chart. You just need to be create and use your imagination to have it fit the needs of YOUR child.

For example, my 3 year old son is into superheroes and helping others. So, I offered him to be a superhero and help Santa this Christmas.

Below is a behavioral chart I created. The better you can match your child's interests the easier it will be to piggyback and reinforce the specific goals, behaviors, tasks and chores.


For each day of good behavior and completed chores, he receives a gold star on the behavioral chart.

From now till December 1st, for each 5 stars he receives, we’ll purchase a toy that he will pick out from the toys store and then together donate these toys to the organization that serve low income families (in our case The Home for Little Wanderers Big Wishes Gift Drive and Toys for Tots).

These stars can also equate to an actual cash value that can be donated in the form of a gift card to a charity or cause of your choosing.

My little one has a stake in this as well, if he successfully receives 30+ gold stars, he will receive a toy of his choosing.

In addition, this isn’t just a tool to help with my child’s behavior but an opportunity to teach him about, money, saving as well as generosity and giving – you just need to choose the opportunity and explain the value of each and reinforce them along the way.

As a parent, I feel I’ve made my job just a bit easier where my child is motivated to listen and to do good and as a byproduct, I am teaching my three year old how to give and share with others.

Ultimately, it’s the approach that matters. There are children who will be immediately receptive to this while others may need a bit more of a creative approach – just try to find something that is very important to your child at this point and time and piggy back on it.

I’m calling all parents of superheroes and princesses who can get their little ones to listen and help others.

As parents, I am confident that you can use behavioral charts make your lives a little bit easier, promote positive behavior and support or donate to a good cause.

Let’s make this Christmas special for these kids! And easier for you as a parent!