Positive Parenting at Inaugural Volunteer Expo with Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III

Mrs. Massachusetts 2017 to Enrich the Lives of Children & Parents

BOSTON, MA – October 14, 2016 – Reigning Mrs. Massachusetts and marriage and family therapist Anna Svetchnikov is pleased to announce the launch of the Positive Parenting Initiative through her Boston-area non-profit, Longwood Care at the Inaugural Volunteer Expo for the 4th Congressional District spearheaded by Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III and Mount Ida College. The organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of children by educating parents with a toolset of applied therapeutic techniques that support the formation and preservation of strong families.

“I’ve seen many approaches to parenting that are either too general or to narrow, and many focus on helping parents cope, but not enough focus on helping parents become creative problem solvers as they’re raising their children,” said Anna Svetchnikov, Longwood Care’s CEO and Founder. “I am not only a therapist, I’m also a mother of two and I want to share the parenting strategies toolbox that has been effective in my line of work as a family therapist, as well as within my own household. Over the last few years, I’ve started seeing patterns and similarities in the complaints that parents bring to therapy sessions, and I was inspired to develop 2-3 minute videos addressing these issues via direct, yet creative problem-solving techniques that work on a wide range of issues, from the tantrum at the toy store to more severe behaviors exhibited by toddlers and teens.”

The Positive Parenting Initiative is defined by its simple, straightforward style of parenting. Parents are equipped with a toolbox of therapeutic approaches that allow them to directly address underlying issues of communication, life changes, and health conditions which affect the behavior of children and the responses of parents alike. The initiative’s Parent Survival Manual will help parents identify the categories of behavior that children exhibit as “negative,” and provide them with effective strategies and creative solutions to transforming these behaviors into positive ones. By empowering parents through education, the initiative strives to help them better understand the motivations behind their children’s behavior.


About Anna Svetchnikov
Anna Svetchnikov is a graduate of Lynn English High School, holds a BS in Psychology and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She’s worked for a number of non-profits in the Boston area, providing in-home base therapy to low income families. Her experience and expertise includes therapeutic approaches to providing therapy for couples, individuals, families, and other family systems, as well as parents and children from toddlers to teens. Anna is the reigning Mrs. Massachusetts Universal 2017 and also a busy mother of two little boys.

About Longwood Care, LLC & Positive Parenting Initiative
The organization and Positive Parenting Initiative both believe that when families are strong, communities prosper. Having a strong, resilient family is not an accident: it takes commitment, effort, and follow-through: That’s why our motto is “Happy Children, Strong Families!” Everything the initiative offers is designed to be available globally and free of charge, as supported by Longwood Care’s non-profit fund and the generous donations of partners and members. Find out more about the organization, Initiative and offerings at PositiveParentingInitiative.com and LongwoodCare.com.